Media Group Ukraine is one of the biggest content producers in Ukraine. We produce over 1000 hours of films, TV series, entertainment and reality shows a year (including adaptations of international formats) for our two main channels – Ukraine TV Channel and NLO TV Channel.

We constantly study preferences of our viewers to provide them with high quality content. That is the reason why our TV series are so popular and have such high ratings – their average share is 15%, exceeding the share of Ukraine TV Channel, channel #1 in Ukraine, by 10-30%.

We produce multi-genre content – successful TV shows and formats (reality, make-over, travel and culinary shows, procedural drama, sitcoms and movies for theatrical release). We constantly reach for new horizons and are not afraid to experiment change.

Media Group Ukraine cooperates with leading national production studios – Star Media, FILM.UA, Ukrainian Production Studio, ABC Films, Mamas Film, ArtTerritory, IVORY Films and many others. In June 2019, we started coproduction with Latvian Hello Media – a TV series Marcuss, which is the first case of international TV coproduction in Ukrainian market.

Our series are about unique stories that viewers in different countries can relate to. That is why they have success in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, Moldova, Austria, Germany, Spain, MENA as well as on Pay TV and VOD platforms all over the world.