2017 Year 1 Episodes 90 minutes


Plot: The epidemic of the 21st century – Internet addiction and social media – is exposed by the film’s team. “Be aware!” – this is the key need of the current generation. “Who owns the information, he owns the world!”. Manager Max extremely follows this postulate. Even too much. At work and at home, day and night, he keeps his eyes on his phone, exploring news and gossip from around the world. His wife suffers from all of Max’s “information hunger”. She does not even manage to find a convenient moment to tell her husband about her pregnancy. He fanatically believes that tons of unnecessary information affect his life. Did you order? Please take it and sign on the bill: from now on, everything Max learns about from the news happens to him. In order to see how the hero gets rid of his Internet curse, we suggest you watch the topical comedy “Infoholik”.

Interesting Facts: One of the episodes was shot in Saksahanskoho street in Kyiv. For it, we used an unmoving trolleybus, which caused a jam for other trolleybuses running along their usual routes. One of the drivers, who we later nicknamed Superman, found a solution for this problem. He detached the trolleybuses’ poles, pulled the vehicles through the shooting location to the place where they could resume their ride and attached the poles back.

The directors wanted everything in the film to be realistic and look natural. This is why we invited a real camel to play the part of Nana the Camel. She did a wonderful job, and Vladyslav Klimchuk, one of the directors, nominated her the Angelina Jolley of Camels.

Playing the protagonist is not only about fame and pleasure but it’s also a hard work that brings lots of surprises… Yevhen Yanovych once had to spend two hours in cold shower pretending he was washing in hot water. It was quite a challenge for our props masters and camera crew. To make the shower stall look steamy, they used a steam iron and made the steam using a vaporized. By the way, it took us several takes to do the episode.


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