2011 Year 180 Episodes 45 minutes



Katya’s Love

In a town deep in Russia lives a beautiful girl Katya Fadeyeva. She is studying in a musical college and diligently listens to her dad, especially when it comes to the courting of the governor’s son. Why shouldn’t she, when Timofey Kuzmich, Katya’s father, is an influential and prosperous businessman,who thinks that his daughter’s marriage to a «worthy man» will allow him to go into politics. It would all be okay, if Katya didn’t meet Dmitry, a simple proletarian. Absolutely unexpectedly true love ignites between the young people ruining all the far–reaching plans of Katya’s father…

Surviving a number of challenges, years later Katya will find out that faith and faithfulness are the most reliable weapons, and she will win back her right to be happy near her closest and dearest people: her beloved man and daughter.

Katya’s Love – 2

The events of the second series take place six months after the first one. The life of the heroine Katya Fadeyeva and her daughter Lyuba finally seems to get better: the family lives in peace and quiet, the business prospers. The fate is also gracious to Dmitry, Lyuba’s father. Thanks to a lucky coincidence he becomes one of the most influential people in town. But the past haunts them threatening the quiet life of the Fadeyevs…

Trailer "Katya's Love"

Trailer "Katya's Love - 2"

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