2020 Year 12 Episodes 45 minutes


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The story of the Kozaks starts before the First World War. Throughout the century, the Kozaks, together with the whole nation, live through various hardships and challenges Ukraine undergoes. They go through the wars, Holodomor and changes of political agendas… The only thing that helps them survive in this whirl is a strong foundation that’s held the family all these years: “Whatever happens, we’re the family.” Frequently this basis of the “family code” undergoes challenges. Rivalry in love, differences in worldviews, little and huge combats – the Kozaks have to go through all of them, and so do millions of other Ukrainian families… What’s waiting for the Kozaks in the future? Can they preserve their unique world in which there’s enough place for everything – laughter, tears, self-sacrifice, betrayal and big love that has been protecting and uniting the family for generations?