2018 Year 65 ( 1 season - 32 episodes; 2 season - 33) Episodes 24 minutes


First season
Supervisors is a youth-targeted sitcom about a group of foreign
medical students who adapt to the life in Ukraine, fall in love,
quarrel and have different adventures all the time.

In the second season of our student sitcom there’s going to be more humor, unusual situations and complex interrelationships. What’s more, apart from those you already know – Zhenya Yanovych, Oleh Maslyuk, Nastya Korol, Sandro Mateush, Serina Sianosyan, Olesya Hayeva and Martin Fieldman – there’ll be new actors. Anya Hres and Vova Kravchuk (who you may know from Mamakhokhotala) are joining the students’ community.

Teaser 1 Season

Teaser 2 Season