2016 Year 16 Episodes 45 minutes


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The story centers on a young and beautiful Tamara who suffered a horrible tragedy. Her beloved husband Max died during an operation to arrest a dangerous criminal. She was supported by her childhood friends Borys and Volodymyr, Max’s fellow cops. The case was closed, the murderer put in prison, and the officials decided it was the end of it. But Tamara’s gut tells her that not everything is so clean in the case of Max’s murder. Borys is of the same opinion, but
unlike Tamara Borys has resources, power, and burning desire to solve with his friend’s murder. The thing is that before his death Max had been conducting an investigation about a maniac and now Borys has grounds for valid doubts about the identity of the real murderer…
To his horror, Borys suddenly realizes that for some reason this veiled stranger has chosen Tamara as his next victim.
Borys cannot let this happen. Besides, Tamara is very dear to him; she has become the love of his life.


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