2016 Year 95 (Part 1. «Singer and the King» (episodes 1-34)Part 2. «Singer and the Sultan» (episodes 35-61)Part 3. «Singer and the Destiny» (episodes 62-95) Episodes 45 minutes



This is the life story of a young and talented provincial woman Natalia Krechet.

A young and talented student Natasha goes to Kyiv for auditions without telling her father. Many years ago her mom also left her family and moved to the capital city to become a singer, but she failed to achieve considerable success. Natasha, on the other hand, will be luckier. She knows that a famous musical producer is waiting for her in Kyiv and he wants to make a true star of her. Yet Natasha’s illusions are ruined once she gets off the train: fair, but overly scrupulous investigator Serhiy Kremnev detains her until identification. Natasha doesn’t know yet that this unpleasant event will be the first one in a row of hardships she will have to face and that it is Serhiy who is destined to become her guiding star. After overcoming the trials of the cruel world and show business with dignity, after becoming mature and discovering her true self, Natasha will win her right to her dreams, success and true love.


«Singer» . 1 Episode
«Singer» . 2 Episode
«Singer» . 3 Episode
«Singer» . 4 Episode
«Singer» . 5 Episode
«Singer» . 6 Episode
«Singer» . 7 Episode
«Singer» . 8 Episode
«Singer» . 9 Episode
«Singer» . 10 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 35 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 36 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 37 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 38 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 39 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 40 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 41 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 42 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 43 Episode
«Singer and the Sultan». 44 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 62 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 63 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 64 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 65 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 66 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 67 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 68 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 69 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 70 Episode
«Singer and the Destiny». 71 Episode