2016 Year 95 Episodes 45 minutes



In the world of big money, lies and power danger will be waiting for everyone who dares go against the rules of this world. Love between two young people, Zoya and Tymur, is prohibited. Confrontation of two families threatens their relationship just like in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The lovers face many hardships and problems. Will Zoya and Tymur preserve their relations despite the established rules of the game?

The story begins in the distant 1983, when two young guys, Gerorgi Merteveli and Borys Kravets, finish their service in the army and go to Lviv to study jeweler’s art. After simultaneously falling in love with one girl the two friends turn into fierce rivals. By choosing Georgi the girl gives a start to the feud between the two families. When the children of the antagonistic jeweler clans fall in love with each other, a new stage begins for each family. Arguments, plotting, and hatred won’t leave the main characters alone.

A life where wealth is the biggest value is based on lies and treachery. The clan feud entails danger and fear, tension and hardships, fighting and indignation. Looking in the face of death and perils, the lovers try to preserve their happiness. How will Zoya and Tymur manage to stay together? What awaits the quarreling families? Is there a chance for reconciliation of the two sworn enemies?