2017-2018 Year 90 (1 season - 45 episodes; 2 season - 45 episodes) Episodes 45 minutes


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The series is about the life of Oksana Kovalchuk, an experienced cardiac surgeon. After the death of her father, who died because of clinical negligence, a couple of years ago, Oksana developed an innovative project of reforming
the hospital admission unit. When officials finally give free reign to her project, Oksana invites her colleagues, one of whom is her ex-husband Boris, a neurologist. The woman is sure that solely friendly and professional relations bind her and Boris, however, he is determined to return his ex-wife. At the same time, a talented surgeon Maxim, Oksana’s first love, starts working in the hospital. The woman will thus have to work in the company of her two ex-lovers.
Desperate people come to doctor Kovalchuk for she works real wonders. Doctor Kovalchuk not only dreams of reforms in the outdated medical system but also acts, meeting obstacles but not stopping. The changes are possible if, instead of idle waiting, everyone does their best. Every episode is a separate story from the life of the patients of the admission unit, where main characters work.


1 Season 1 Episode