2019 Year 8 Episodes 45 minutes


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Since Masha Zhukova was a child, she’s been sure you have to deserve love.

Of course, some people simply have it, like her younger sister Lyalya, a beautiful and artistic heartbreaker adored by the parents. However, Masha has to be satisfied with a little. She would have never believed the man of her dreams, a handsome motor racing star Oleh Tomilin, would pay attention to her.

But when fate suddenly smiles upon her, Masha’s life becomes a mess. Highly suspicious problems and hardships follow each other until a great tragedy occurs…

After she starts a new life, can Masha remain the same angel of kindness or will she become an angel of revenge as she is yet to find out who turned her life into hell and deprived her of everything that was dear to her?…