«SNOWDROP» (Based on «Ice Adonis» format)

2015 Year 100 Episodes 45 minutes

«SNOWDROP» (Based on «Ice Adonis» format)

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Snowdrop. Fight For Love

The adventure melodrama Immortelle is the life story of a simple girl Nadya.

Nadya is a chemist who dreams to invent new cosmetics. Her work helps her meet her destiny, Ihor whom she has loved since they were students. Happiness would be so close, but for one incident…

Snowdrop. New Nadya

Someone persuades Ihor that his beloved Nadya has not always been honest with him. Ihor becomes disillusioned in his world, breaks up with Nadya and soon proposes to Iryna. Nadya is imprisoned and she learns about Iryna and Ihor’s planned wedding.

Snowdrop. Faith and Truth

In the third part of the film the main character Nadya escapes prison to prevent Ihor from marrying Iryna. Nadya stops the wedding just in time and calls Iryna out for a frank conversation. But again she fails to convince everyone that she is innocent. No-one believes her. She is arrested and taken back to prison, her sentence is increased because of her escape. Just when she starts to think it’s all over, Nadya realizes that there is a second heartbeat inside her.

Snowdrop. Paradise Is Where You Are

In the final episodes the protagonist Nadya will have to not only restore her good name but also to return her child, love and family happiness. Just like the Immortelle flower Nadya will break through the rocks of hardships and callousness of the soul. She will fight for justice by overcoming incredible trials, with the hardest one being not to lose faith in people.