2014 Year 95 Episodes 45 minutes



Layla the Mongrel

17–years–old gypsy Layla Rubinova desperately needs money, so she decides to rob the house of a local wealthy family, the Sviridovs. She is caught red handed by Sergey, the son of the master of the house. But instead of calling the police the young man proposes the robber… to marry him. And Layla agrees. But will the wedding happen? This is a story of a dangerous love quadrangle and after fatal events only two people, who are genuinely in love, escape it and survive, and find happiness in the end.

Cutie Layla

The series continues with new twists and turns of fate for the protagonist, redheaded gypsy Layla. Layla will change her name to Ekaterina, move to a different place, pick a new lifestyle and personal style. But when her dreams seem to finally come true, her past decides to remind of itself…

Layla Returns

Six months have passed since the events of the previous series. Layla’s life has changed in many ways. After all the trials she has left the city and now lives far from civilization. Anna is the only person with whom Layla keeps in touch. Even so, she asks her not to trouble her solitude without great necessity. Six months later such necessity presents itself — the gynecologist who delivered Layla’s baby is dying. On the deathbed he reveals to prison warden Gromov that he sold Layla’s baby to another woman. Layla sets out to find her child.


Layla the Mongrel. 1 Episode
Layla the Mongrel. 2 Episode
Layla the Mongrel. 3 Episode
Layla the Mongrel. 4 Episode
Layla the Mongrel. 5 Episode
Cutie Layla. 1 Episode
Cutie Layla. 2 Episode
Cutie Layla. 3 Episode
Cutie Layla. 4 Episode
Cutie Layla. 5 Episode
Layla Returns. 1 Episode
Layla Returns. 2 Episode
Layla Returns. 3 Episode
Layla Returns. 4 Episode
Layla Returns. 5 Episode