2013 Year 77 Episodes 45 minutes



The calling of Natasha Bondarchuk is to make people beautiful. Since childhood she dreamt of becoming a doctor who can correct the mistakes of nature or the results of accidents. After finishing the high school she fails to enter the medical institute, so she gets the job as a medical orderly in a city hospital. There she finds the first love and the first disappointment: Dmytro Voroshilov, a handsome intern, seduces the naive girl and abandons her. Now Natasha is alone in a big city with a small child in her arms. Through perseverance, love to life and with the help of loyal friends Natasha achieves her dream. «Kiss!» is an anthem to the woman’s dream, to dedication and perseverance.

«Kiss! 2» is the present time story. Natasha is a mature and respectable woman. She is the director at the Beauty Institute. She raised her son Andriy to be a fine man. «The challenges Natasha goes through make her stronger, she becomes tougher and colder. From a naive, charming, trustful girl she turns into a woman and a bit into a bitch.» However, the shadows from the past won’t let her go. She meets her first love and the father of her son, Dmytro Voroshylov who tries to resurrect the past relations. Meanwhile, by bittersweet chance, Andriy falls in love with a girl from the Voroshylov family. The circle has been closed. What can break the chain of dramatic and passionate events?